Thursday, February 11, 2016

A Compendium of the Episcopacy

An Episcopal Catechism for Pentecostal and Apostolic Clergy

A Compendium of the Episcopacy is not simply another book about the bishopric. It is, instead, a handbook offering a concise set of information that can be useful for training men and women aspiring to the “fine work” of the episcopacy – and those already serving in this fine work – regarding the history, rituals, vestments, and protocols pertinent to this anointed office. The Compendium gives an exploratory account of the development of the episcopacy, from the time it was first transmitted to the early successrs to the Apostles. It pinpoints the places where the various streams of Apostolic Succession began; and answers the pertinent questions as to where the numerous streams of Succession have an impact upon the episcopacy, within Apostolic and Pentecostal community. Furthermore, it points to historical events in the history of the Church that bear upon Pentecostal Faith and Practice, today. As with any handbook of this sort, the aim of the Compendium is also to familiarize the episcopal candidate, as well as the apprentice bishop, with the rituals that pertain to our office; but at a far broader than usual scope. That includes a careful look at the history of the Pentecostal and Apostolic Faith. As intellectually competent clergy we are called upon to be sure that we are well enough informed about our spiritual heritage as we can be. By seeking out historic truths for ourselves, we won't need to follow every new trend that comes along in ministry; and won't participate in useless arguments – especially with individuals who won't give due diligence to the cause of learning; and/or who are so stuck in ignorance that they refuse to listen to reasoned arguments supported by scholarship.

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